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Tips & Tricks

Here you can find answers on several questions.

Buildings, tiles and bases
Building, repairing, tearing down, destroying a base...
How can I demolish a building or remove debris?
The demolition of buildings has to be researched and will be available later in the game.

How can i place new tiles?
The placing of new tiles has to be researched and will be available later in the game.

How can i build a new base?
The construction of new bases will be available in the form of a mission later in the game, and is bound to the points acquired up to that point.

How exactly does the mending of buildings work?
The mending of buildings occurs in real-time. When the task of repairing of a building takes 10 minutes for 5 points, then every two minutes one point worth of damage will be repaired.

At which point can a base be considered as destroyed?
A base counts as destroyed once its HQ has been demolished. Any buildings, units and resources stationed inside at that time will be destroyed aswell!

Does the arrangement of my buildings have any tactical consequences?
Yes, very significant consquences actually! An assault from the north will also damage buildings located at the northern border of the base. The angle of impact will be exactly transfered to the damage of the base! It is reasonable to place sensitive buildings in the center of the base, and more robust ones further away from it.

How can i tell which way north is when i'm in base-view or map-view mode?
In the top margin of the screen you can find an arrow, which always points in a northward direction.

What's so special about power generators?
The destruction of power generators can lead to the uncontrolled powering-down of individual buildings. As a result of this, the defensive capacity of the whole base will be lowered significantly.

What happens with a large construction site, when one of its pads has been destroyed?
In case a construction pad gets destroyed prior to its completion, the whole construction site will be destroyed in the process. All resources used up to that point will be lost, too.

Can structures be rotated while they're being built?
Yes, when you're in construction-view, you can see the structure to be built on the upper right corner. When clicking on it, the building will rotate, and hence you can align it diagonally, if you wish.

Is there a limit to placing tiles?
In theory you can place an unlimited amount of tiles. But their cost goes up with each new tile.

I want to place a tile where construction isn't possible, what can i do about this?
Tiles can only be placed in immediate proximity to the base, when a tile is missing, you can only place tiles in alternate locations, until you reach the desired spot.

What happens when i cut the power from individual buildings?
When the power supply to a building is cut off, its respective properties are no longer available. In the particular case of an unpowered resource storage building, it will no longer provide its storage capacities. The resources will not be destroyed, and can still be consumed. As far as the hangar is concerned, remaining units that don't fit inside will be scrapped automatically without any reimbursement.

Research facilities and factories can resume their construction queues once power supply has been activated again.

What happens when one or all of my bases have been destroyed?
If the main base gets destroyed, an alternate base, if available, will be designated as the main base upon the next log-in.

If no other base is available, you have been defeated, but can start anew with a new landing ship.

Can the missile silo hit targets outside of its maximum range?
Yes, but all shots occur on the off chance then.

Units and groups
Various missions, oil consumption, renting out units...
What happens when a returning group doesn't completely fit into the hangar?
The remaining units will be positioned outside the base. They remain there as if they had received the mission order "Hold position". In the end this means, that they'll consume oil and will get destroyed when all the oil is used up.
The units left behind will get to keep all of the group's oil.

How exactly does oil consumption work?
Every unit moving around on the map requires oil. For each grid-unit moved on the map, or each hour of staying idle, one unit of oil will be consumed.
If a group has no more oil left in the reservoir, the oil in the cargo bays will be consumed instead. If this oil runs out aswell, the whole group will remain stagnant and can't move anymore. Every single hour some of the group's units will be destroyed, until none are left anymore.
By supplying the group with oil, all remaining units can be mobilized again, and the group can receive new orders.

Can other groups that are passing my base and belong to another player be spotted and intercepted?
Yes, provided that the sensors are strong enough, other nearby groups can be spotted. Also, interception missions can be launched to loot resources carried along by the target group, in case of a victory.

How can i get back units i borrowed to another player?
For this purpose, the player currently in control of those units has to transfer them back to the owner. This is the only way.

Who bears the maintenance costs of borrowed units?
The maintenance costs are always paid for by the base which has produced the units in question. The allocation of maintenance costs is not possible.

How many kilometers per hour does the velocity of an individual unit correspond to?
Every single point of velocity corresponds to 10 km/h. Hence, a unit with 5 points of velocity has a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

How can i alter a group's velocity outside of the base?
In order to change the speed of a group currently on a mission, you have to stop the group, and assign it a new mission with a new velocity. Changing the speed in transit is not possible.

What's the meaning of "follow-up denied" and "follow-up allowed"?
In order to keep units belonging to strangers from following your group without your consent, you can adjust this setting individually.
When a group denies another group the right to "follow-up", the latter group will be dismissed and sent back.

In the event that a group doesn't have enough oil in its reservoir, will it draw oil from the cargo bay instead?
Yes, if a group runs out of oil while outside of the base, and there is oil left in the cargo bay, this oil will be put to use.

Units outside of the base don't seem to occupy any hangar space, why?
Hangar slots will only be occupied when the units has actually been parked there. This usually occurs when a unit is being built or remains stationary. Units outside of the base will occupy no hangar slots.
It is therefore possible to own and maintain more units than available hangar slots.

Will i retrieve any resources when i scrap units?
When a unit gets scrapped inside the home base, the resources will be partially reimbursed.
If this happens outside of a base, no resources will be reimbursed.

Uranium, reimbursement of resources when aborting a process, overdrawing one's account ...
How can i obtain Uranium, and what is this type of resource good for?
Uranium is an extremely valuable resource. It opens up new tactical possibilites such as nuclear assaults or stronger units (all depending on the research done). This resource cannot be mined and can only be obtained through our premium service. Uranium can be transported or looted like any other resource.

If i purchase Uranium, which base will it be delivered to?
The Uranium will always be delivered to the main base, which will also be displayed upon logging in.

Will i get back my resources when i abort a certain process (research, unit production, building construction, etc.)?
Yes, in general one third (rounded down) of the resurces will be reimbursed. This applies to research, unit- and building production.

What is there to know about overdrawing?
Units have an hourly maintenance cost. When a base doesn't have enough resources at its disposal, the total amount can briefly drop below zero. If this isn't compensated for, and the value keeps dropping, all units requiring maintenance will be scrapped automatically.

Combat and points
Angle of attack, raiding, defense turrets, nuclear assaults...
What kind of impact does the angle of attack have?
The angle of attack determines exactly the direction the base will receive damage from. The target will always be the HQ.

How exactly does the interception of enemy groups work?
You have to click on the particular grid-unit on the map where the group to be intercepted is located in. There you choose "intercept". Subsequently you have to put together an interception group and click on "update", so the the interception time can be calculated. Afterwards, you can launch the interception mission.

How does long- and short operation distance work?
When units encounter resistance, their long-range weapons fire simultaneously. Any unit on both sides that withstood this attack then fires their short-range weapons. If the aggressor wasn't destroyed completely, he has managed to launch what is considered a successful attack.

How do points get calculated?
In a mission you can get up to twice the amount of the opponent's points (regardless agressor or defender).
The latter rule only comes into effect when one side would gain more than 300 points.
One point effectively corresponds to one point of damage dealt.

Will i score points if i attack myself?

When i transfer Skaphs and the player receiving them attacks someone else, who will earn the points?
Point can generally only be earned by the attacking and the defending party, irregardless of who actually owns the Skaphs.

How and when do resources get looted?
During each assault where the attacking party has more fire power both BEFORE the short-range combat phase, aswell as AFTER the long-range combat phase, the surviving units of the attacker can loot resources at the end of combat. In other words, the attacker needs to have more short-range fire power than the defender, in order to steal resources.
Both bases and groups can be looted.

How many resources can be looted at a time?
Generally, up to half the total amount of available resources can be looted.

Can gun turrets fire in all directions?
All weapon systems complement one another and strike together at any invader, regardless of where they're positioned.

What should i know about unloaded weapons?
Once a group has finished their assault, their weapons become unloaded. During this time, the respective group cannot conduct another assault.
Still, a group with unloaded weapons is at full fighting strength, in case it becomes the target of an attack itself.
In the event that one group merges with another, whichever reloading time was higher prior to the merge now applies to the new group as a whole.
All units of a group returning to the base will have their weapons reloaded instantly.

How do i launch a nuclear strike?
First you need to research the required technologies. Once you've done that, you can simply load the assaulting group's cargo bays with Uranium. When the group enters short-range combat und still has Uranium available, a nuclear warhead will be detonated, which will deal a huge amount of damage to BOTH sides.
The total amount of damage depends on the quantity of Uranium carried along.
When the aggressor group loses all its transporters during a long-range combat phase, all the Uranium will be lost aswell, so a nuclear strike will no longer be possible.

Fire, changes in vegetation, finding other bases...
Can fire damage my base or my units?
Fire has no impact on units. The either take a path around the fire, or just move right through it, so to speak. Bases, on the other hand, can't evade the fire, and are hugely affected by it in a negative way.

How can i find out where other players are on the map?
Seeking other players on the map isn't possible. No points of reference are supplied in order to determine one's own position in the world. The reasons for this are manifold. The quintessence is that we'd like to encourge the players to deal with their neighbours on their own. Also, this should make the creation of multiple accounts more difficult.

How many kilometers does a grid-unit on the map correspond to?
A single grid-unit on the map has roughly the size of 10 km x 10 km.

Does the map ever change?
Yes, the vegetation grows and evolves. Small trees become larger over time. Fires can break out and spread over densely wooded areas. Meadows and empty surfaces are generally not inflammable and will therefore not catch fire.

How and when can i view foreign bases?
Foreign bases remain visible for a couple of hours after an assault, even when all units have been destroyed during the attack.
Buildings cannot be viewed.

Can fires be extinguished with a "clearing" mission?
The more units dispatched, the higher the chance of clearing a grid-unit and thereby extinguishing the fire.

Do more units have a higher chance of setting an area on the grid on fire?
Yes, any arbitrary additional unit increases the chance of successfully setting a fire.

When building a new base, what happens to surplus resources?
Any additional resources not consumed in the construction process will be credited to the new base and can be used to build new structures.

Everything about researching ...

Behaviour, diplomacy, strength ...
Aliens and their behaviour, what is worth knowing about this topic?
Aliens apparently come flooding in endless numbers out of nowhere. They take position near other bases, and begin terrorizing those. They spy out their targets prior to the first attack (small groups with just one unit), later on bigger attacks follow in shorter intervals. The aliens are also quite vengeful and retaliate attacks with counterattacks. Sometimes they also fight each other.

System requirements, special characters, help...
What are the minimum system requirements?
In order to obtain a smooth gameplay experience, a DSL connection (or similar), along with a CPU with at least 1000 MHz (or comparable) is required. The game is optimized for Firefox. A screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels is mandatory also. There are no other plugins or programs required besides Adobe Flash.

What can i do if i want to change the email address, but no longer have access to the current one?
Please contact out support. You will have to provide credible proof that you actually are the legitimate owner of the account in question. Please keep in mind, that we probably can't perform changes of this nature instantly.

Who do i have to contact if my account has been "hacked"?
Usually stolen passwords result from careless handling of personal information. The most frequent causes ultimatley leadeing to stolen passwords are: trojans, way too simplistic passwords, a trivial password that could be guessed by chance, logging in from an insecure computer and similar.

May i use some of the graphics or artwork for on own private homepage?
You may use any of the graphics without restrictions, as long as you won't defame SKAPH.com or represent it in a way not intented by its provider. The scope has to be SKAPH.com exclusively and must not bypass the game's principles. If you aren't sure, please contact our support. SKAPH.com reserves the right to prohibit the use of graphics at any time.

Which tags are allowed in my profile?
In general, all tags of the "Bulletin Board Code" may be used.
Those include:
In addition, smileys will be turned into emoticons.

Which messages will be deleted automatically, and when?
Messages inside the main folder will be automatically deleted after 10 days.
Messages in sub-folders aren't subject to these restrictions and remain there until deleted by the user.